Marino Car Service s.r.l. will pack the goods in order to guarantee their integrity and will send the same exclusively to the address indicated by the buyer.

The transport is understood at the risk and peril of the buyer even if loaded on vehicles of Marino Car Service s.r.l., therefore, ceases all responsibility of the same with the delivery to the carrier. Transport carried out by TNT courier or other couriers. The courier is communicated at the time of shipment of the goods together with the shipping code.

The signing by the Customer of the carrier's transport document implies full acceptance of the goods delivered as regards, for example, the packaging, the number of packages received, the correspondence between products ordered and products delivered, the integrity and external characteristics of the products.

The buyer is required to immediately verify the condition of the goods delivered and their packaging, as well as that it actually corresponds to the goods requested, raising, if necessary, immediate written observation on the Transport Document under the heading: "ANNOTATIONS and accepting "WITH RESERVE" the goods, affixing this wording on the courier's receipt at the same time as the signature for acceptance.

Even in the presence of intact packaging, the goods must be diligently verified by the customer, and any apparent defects and non-conformities (and therefore objectively recognizable with the use of normal diligence) of the goods must under penalty of forfeiture of the guarantee be reported in writing to Marino Car Service s.r.l., no later than 6 (six) calendar days from the date of delivery.

The shipping terms are to be considered merely indicative and not exhaustive. The starting date will start from the day on which Marino Car Service s.r.l. will receive all the data necessary for the completion of the supply and in any case after the submission of the acceptance form.

Marino Car Service s.r.l. , is not liable for any delays due to force majeure such as, by way of example but not limited to, accidents, fires, explosions, strikes, lockouts, earthquakes, disasters, floods, riots, laws, regulations and orders issued by state authorities, and other events of difficult or impossible prediction that prevent, in whole or in part, to fulfill in the times or in the agreed ways and any other case of delay not attributable to his willful misconduct or gross negligence. The shipping terms are interrupted in the period from 1 to 31 August and from 15 December to 6 January of the following year. The buyer may in no case claim damages or make other claims for delay in deliveries, nor request the termination of the contract. In any case, if the buyer does not want to receive what has been purchased, Marino Car Service s.r.l. reserves the right to ask for the amount paid for the shipping costs incurred.


The spare parts used especially of the bodywork may have scratches from parking and wear, they are not to be considered new so it will be normal to receive a used spare part with small imperfections, all the spare parts are also absolutely original and not of competition.


For the mechanical part, on the other hand, our staff will perform the operation check, premising that all the spare parts available in our warehouse are already tested before disassembly so they are fully functional.


Every single spare part before being packed is viewed and tested by our staff who evaluates any defects in shape, the object, if deemed suitable will be photographed before the packaging to guarantee the buyer "proof" certain of our good faith in the packaging and shipping phase, if there should instead be defects of the object our staff will notify the buyer before carrying out the shipment.


The seller (Marino Car Service s.r.l. ) declines all responsibility for damage to the goods shipped, therefore the buyer is invited to request the insured shipment with insurance costs borne by the buyer, in all cases the buyer must accept the goods with the words ACCEPT SUBJECT TO CONTROL.


The seller will be available to the final buyer to request from the courier the reimbursement of the damage received, the seller before sending any spare part ascertains the state of use of the same and informs the buyer before shipping  if the goods have  imperfections or obvious damage. If the buyer before buying asks for photographic documentation of the goods, the seller is required to provide him with all the necessary documentation so that the buyer ascertains the state of use.  The buyer through the seller's courier fully benefits from a service, a service that is provided for a fee by third parties "by the courier" and the seller only makes available to the buyer in order to send the goods, the courier, consequently the buyer is responsible for the breakage during transport,  the seller of the goods makes available to the buyer all the means to be able to take advantage of the refund  due to damage to the goods by the courier.


If the buyer has his own trusted courier, he can communicate it to the seller at the email address, and together they will evaluate the most convenient solution.